About Us

Abul Khair Steel is a privately-owned local steel company under the umbrella of Abul Khair Group with interest in providing complete solution to its customers in the field of structural steel. Under the banner of Abul Khair Steel there are three primary products:
1. Goru Marka Corrugated Galvanized Steel Sheets
2. Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel Sheets
3. AKS TMT 500W reinforcing bars

Founded in 1993, Abul Khair Steel started its journey as a single manufacturing unit of Corrugated Galvanised Steel Sheets. The plant was set up in Madambibirhat, Chittagong. Marketed under the brand name 'Goru Marka', the product became a popular roofing and side wall construction material for residential use. Apart from meeting local needs, Abul Khair's Goru Marka galvanized steel sheets are being exported to 25 foreign countries and more.

With time the usage of corrugated sheets enhanced and became elaborate. In order to meet the demand of modern times, in late 2010, Abul Khair Steel extended its production line to produce colour coated steel sheets. Produced from unique seven stage colour coating process and world's best colour coating technology, Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel sheets are of superior quality. The simple corrugation of galvanized steel sheets is being replaced by complex profiles of colour coated steel sheets. Today, Cow Brand Colour Coated sheets have become a common construction material for residential homes and industrial buildings.

After successful accomplishment with flat products, Abul Khair Steel invested in the production of long products. Abul Khair Steel's re-rolling mill is the single largest steel facility in Bangladesh, capable of producing 12 lac metric tons high quality graded hot-rolled steel bars per annum. 100% refined imported steel billets, produced under strict metallurgical control, are used to produce high quality deformed steel bars. The plant is equipped with state-of-the art TMT technology which enables improvement of chemical and mechanical properties of steel. With the high quality input and unmatched technological superiority, AKS is poised to cater for the growing demand of high quality steel in the country.

Abul Khair Steel's vision is to become a complete integrated steel plant with the ability to produce 100% refined steel. The installation of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and continuous casting machine is underway, which will enable refining of steel, casting them into billets and rolling the billets to finished products- all under a single facility. Such a facility will be the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

We believe that as a business we have a responsibility towards our consumers and the community in which we have a presence. Around the year we arrange seminars and programmes to promote the necessity of quality steel. We have established a strong association with the Department of Materials And Metallurgical Engineering, BUET, realizing that building a truly sustainable business is not something we can do without expert advice.

Every single step that we take in our day to day business is with the sole intention of winning the hearts of our customers. We wish to progress ahead with continuous improvement of our product and winning in the market place with our brands, cutting-edge science and innovation.