Produced from 100% refined steel using the TMT technology, AKS TMT 500W are ribbed hot-rolled steel bars of 500W grade for reinforcing concrete. AKS TMT 500W bars are of superior quality with better performance in terms of strength, ductility, weldability and resistance to earthquake, fire and corrosion. We offer reinforcing bars of only 500W grade in different diameters and deliver our product to your construction site in our own fleet of trucks and trailers. The quality of our product complies with established standards for construction steel such as ASTM 706, BS 4449, IS 1786, BDS ISO 6935. Our product is manufactured with fully-automated machineries to minimize processing error and dispatched for delivery only after passing through stringent quality control.

Prolong the life of your RCC structure by opting for AKS TMT 500W bars.