Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel is the first company in Bangladesh to implement the world-renowned colour coating technology and machinery of the FATA Hunter Inc., USA. FATA Hunter, with a history of over fifty years, has been one of the world leaders in engineering and equipment manufacturing for flat rolled products.


Only a high standard coil processing line can ensure a perfectly uniform surface of the products which will give best coating performance. In order to achieve this, Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel is using the sophisticated coil processing line of BronX International, Australia. BronX International is a world innovator in the coil processing industry and provides complete solution to steel processing companies worldwide. The coil processing line established in Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel is fully automated and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.




In order to produce the finest quality colour coating, Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel is importing the coating paint from the largest global paint and coatings company, AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel is the leader in paint & metallic coating technology around the world. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. AkzoNobel is operating in more than 80 countries. The paint from AkzoNobel contains UV & corrosion-inhibiting agents which ensures durability for a longer period of time.