In 1993 Goru Marka Dhew Tin were produced using imported cold-rolled coil and a sheet to sheet conventional galvanizing process based on chemical cleaning. As a part of its technical advancement, in 1999 the facility was upgraded to use hot-rolled coil as the raw material and continuous galvanizing line. Subsequently in November 2006, it incorporated the latest NOF (Non-oxidizing furnace) technology.
Galvanizing method currently used: Continuous Hot Dip Sheet Galvanizing using the Non-Oxidizing Furnace (NOF)

Hot Dip Galvanizing:
Hot Dip Galvanizing is the application of a zinc coating on steel by dipping in a bath of molten zinc. In this process steel sheets are cleaned of rust, oxide scale and other impurities and then dipped in a bath of molten zinc (at 450oC). The galvanizing reaction takes place and different layers of iron-zinc alloys form. After the galvanizing reaction is over, the sheets are covered with a layer of pure zinc on top. It is this combined coating, alloy and pure zinc that gives galvanized coating a superior resistance in a wide variety of environment. After withdrawal from the galvanizing bath, the sheets are quenched in a water tank to "stabilize" the coating and dipped in a chromating bath for passivation.