Right Hardness for Roofing:
Accurate tempering in Goru Marka GC/GP Sheets prevents cracks and fissures from occuring during drilling


High Tensile Strength:
High tensile strength of Goru Marka GC/GP Sheets neutralizes natural forces like hailstorms and other external forces


Excellent Zinc Adherence:
Superior technology and process control ensures proper surface cleaning before coating. This means a cleaner steel surface with excellent Zinc adherence


Adequate Chromating:
Usage of the best chromate solution at the galvanizing stage prevents formation of white rust on the sheets. As a result, sheet life is enhanced.


Superior Packaging:
Goru Marka GC/GP Sheets are completely wrapped with HDPE plastics and enveloped with galvanized sheet all over. The packed sheets on wooden skids are secured with high tensile metal strapping adequate enough to withstand extreme rough handling by road/rail/sea transport.