Quality Control
The purpose of the quality control team in AKS is to ensure the quality of the product by raw material inspection, process control and final inspection. Corrective and preventive measures are taken at every step to control defects and hence improve the quality of the product.

i.Raw material inspection
The major raw material is high quality billets sourced from Turkey, South Korea, and Taiwan. Random samples from the imported billets are checked by Spectrometer for chemical composition and compared against specifications.

ii.Process Control
The entire production process is monitored and controlled from a centralized control station. Process parameter data such as mill speed, temperature are collected hourly and recorded. Corrective actions are taken against any nonconformity.

iii. Final Inspection
Random samples are collected hourly/per 50 billets from the cooling bed and tested for surface quality, chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties.
Physical properties that are examined are:
− Unit weight
− Actual diameter
− Core diameter
− Transverse rib height and width
− Longitudinal rib height and width
Mechanical Properties that are examined are:
− Yield strength
− Ultimate tensile strength
− % Elongation
− Bend test

Quality team provides regular feedback to production team against the anomalies such as under or over unit weight and diameter, excess rib or without rib, extra metal on surface, illegible ID/forg mark, length variations, bending crack, insufficient strength. Corrective measures are taken immediately.

External Tests and Feedback
In order to strengthen our clients’ trust in us, external tests are carried out from BRTC, BUET every month. Samples from the production floor of our factory are sent to BRTC. BRTC then directs the samples to Metallurgy or Civil Department laboratory to conduct the tests. The following tests are performed-

  1. Physical  Test (unit weight, actual diameter)
  2. Mechanical  Test– Yield, Tensile Strength & Elongation
  3. Bend Test
  4. Chemical Composition Analysis

   These test results are submitted to our clients upon request.