Cow Brand Colour Coated Steel's quality assurance team performs extensive tests using the latest technology to ensure our products meet the specifications of International Standards and of our clients.

Tests performed:

  • Coating Thickness- To determine & monitor the coating thickness, applied on the steel for top & bottom side.
  • Specular Gloss Measurement- Gloss is associated with the capacity of a surface to reflect light in one direction compared to others.
  • Colour Test- Determines the deviation of the colour of the cured organic coating, from a standard sample.
  • Solvent Rubbing Test- Determines the extent of curing of the baked organic coat.
  • Impact Test- Determines the resistance to cracking of an organic coating on a metallic substrate, when exposed to sudden loading.
  • Cupping Test- Determines the formability of the organic coating on a metallic substrate.
  • T-Bend Test- Evaluates the flexibility and adhesion to the metallic substrate of the organic coatings.
  • Pencil Hardness Test- Determines the bond strength between the organic coating and the metallic substrate.
  • Cross Hatch Test- Determines the inter coat adhesion (Top coat to primer bond).
  • Scratch Test- Determines the resistance of an organic coating to penetration, by scratching with a needle.
  • Salt Spray Test- This is an accelerated corrosion test which simulates the field condition.