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AKS, a leading player in Bangladesh’s construction steel market, has been at the forefront of innovation to meet the rising need for construction steel. AKS is a pioneer of using ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE in steel production since 2015. Electric Arc Furnace is one of most modern technology for steel manufacturing.


AKS Rebar is a high-quality reinforcing bar used in construction projects. The recently introduced AKS TMT B500DWR bar asserts to be among the strongest bars on the market and has a high ductility class. AKS offers a wide range of diameters to meet the specific needs of various construction applications. The diameter of AKS rebar spans from 8mm to 40mm.


Earthquake Resistant Bar: AKS

AKS was the first to introduce earthquake resistant steel. Recently, AKS introduced B500DWR reinforcing bar which is a higher ductility class steel that is specifically designed to be earthquake-resistant. This product has been extensively tested and it meets all the technical requirements of international standards.


Special Attributes

  • AKS is committed to maintaining international standards like ISO, IS, BS & ASTM which ensures that the product meets the highest quality standards. AKS also has BSTI & BIS certification mark along with latest ISO 9001:2015; quality management system certificate.
  • AKS is a significant contributor to development projects in Bangladesh, such as the Padma Bridge, Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit (Metro Rail), Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant etc.
  • AKS is dedicated to societal responsibility and long-term sustainability. In its operations, the business has implemented sustainable practices such as lowering carbon emissions and using environmentally friendly materials.